Macca Gets Mad

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Macca Gets Mad

Crossrail news: Macca is furious. He has joined a campaign to block legislation which proposes to allow the proposed rail link to be built underneath his London headquarters.

The former mop-topped Wings legend is convinced that the Crossrail Bill, if given the go ahead, will render the recording studio at his Soho office useless due to the vibrations caused by tunnelling, and then passing trains.

Paul McCartney is a fool – Crossrail will never happen. Come on, it's been at least fifteen years already. Surely he will be dead by the time Crossrail actually opens (if indeed it ever does)?

In fairness to the soon-to-be-divorcee, normal people do get upset when vibrations from the Northern line interrupt performances of We Will Rock You, so spare a thought for poor, pitiful Macca and imagine how he must feel when considering the predicament of his Soho basement. Stick up-turned egg boxes on the walls, ceiling and floor, Macca. That'll sort it.

In a strongly-worded letter from his lawyers, the 64-year-old demands compensation if construction goes ahead because

"Musical and recording activities are susceptible to interference."

This could be a red herring, however. Perhaps this pre-emptive compensation claim is a money-spinner so he'll be able to afford pay off Heather Mills?

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