London's Worst Dressed Cyclists?

By Rob Last edited 148 months ago
London's Worst Dressed Cyclists?

Velorution have kicked off their 'worst dressed cyclist' competition which we mentioned a few days ago and, boy, is it ugly out there.

Ok, so these pictures were ataged by Velorution to get people inspired, but we know that these kinds of disasters do make it on to our streets, and frankly we're starting to wonder if we've ever been guilty of such atrocities.

If you want to enter the competiton all you have to do is take go out and take a (unstaged) snap of some horrible cycling fashion misdemeanour and then send it to Velorution in the hope of winning one of these babies.

The only rules are:

1. Pictures must be originals, ie no surfing for strangers and submitting!

2. If the person is identifiable, get their permission or hide their identity.

3. Pictures submitted to the competition become the property of Velorution.

Good luck.

Last Updated 20 September 2006