London Fashion Week: Too Skinny?

By Rob Last edited 150 months ago
London Fashion Week: Too Skinny?

Well, London Fashion Week begins today and the first story of the week isn't the usual Is London still fashionable nonsense, but something slightly less shallow: thin models.

On one side you've got Culture Secretary Tessa Jowell, who wants the LFW organisers to ban what she calls "stick-thin" models from its catwalks. And on the other side you've got the British Fashion Council who run the whole shebang, saying that it's not their place to tell designers how to run their shows (although...they are the organisers).

Now if you're wondering what exactly constitutues 'underweight' in the fashion world, wonder no longer, because there is actually a precedent for all this. Earlier this year the Madrid fashion show banned any model from its catwalks who had body mass index below 18.

The Milan fashion Week which starts next week are also looking to introduce the same rules, which will leave London looking a liitle out-of-touch. But surely the real question is: if it's teenage girls who are being effected by this body image problem, is London Fashion Week really the place to tackle the problem?

Isn't their a whole landfill's worth of magazines out there which push this kind of stuff week in, week out? Why not start applying the pressure there instead (maybe becasue they don't have their own designated 'week').

In other LFW news: it looks like Kate Moss may be designing some clothes for Topshop. Whether they'll have Pete Doherty's blood smeared on them or not remains to be seen.

Last Updated 18 September 2006