Lambeth Stabbing

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Lambeth Stabbing

More details have been released regarding the fatal stabbing which occured near Vauxhall yesterday morning.

The victim was 51-year-old Carmelita Tulloch. She "had two daughters, Andrea and Claudia, both in their 20s, and a three-year-old granddaughter."

Mrs Tulloch was stabbed just five minutes away from her home, while walking to her workplace in Vauxhall Cross. The attack happened around 9am yesterday opposite Arrowsmith House in Wickham Street (near the junction of Jonathan Street and Vauxhall Street).

The police have said that "A man was seen on top of her, stabbing her in a frenzied manner. For this reason, I believe the suspect would be heavily covered in blood. I am keeping an open mind re the motive. Her handbag was found at the scene but we are yet to recover a murder weapon."

The suspect is thoight to be a well built, black man aged about 30 and wearing a distinctive grey woollen hat.

Last Updated 06 September 2006