Terror Arrests

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Terror Arrests

Just catching up on the 'anti-terror' arrests that took place over the weekend.

As you probably know by now, on Friday 14 men aged between 17 to 48 were arrested under the Terrorism Act 2000 (12 of them at The Bridge to China Town restaurant in Borough); and residential properties across the capital are currently being examined in connection with the arrests.

The men are "mainly young British Muslims of Pakistani origin," and have been detained on suspicion of "the commission, preparation or instigation of acts of terrorism". However the police are stressing that they are not looking for explosives of any kind (because that didn't work out so well last time) and that the investigation is not connected to the 'transatlantic bomb plot' or July 7.

As of late last night, the Met has been given more time to question the men.

Also, the investigation of an East Sussex Islamic school at Mark Cross, near Crowborough is still ongoing. Police say that Abu Hamza al-Masri had visited the school "with a group of followers" and over the weekend forensic teams swept buildings and woodlands and announced plans to search a lake on the grounds.

The Telegraph is reporting today that the school was first reported to the Government as being a "suspected training camp for terrorists" more than seven years ago.

Last Updated 04 September 2006