Water, Water Everywhere

By Rob Last edited 148 months ago
Water, Water Everywhere

Thames Water have announced today that they are withdrawing their application to the government for special powers to limit water usage in London (stuff like to watering parks and and sports grounds and filling of private swimming pools).

(You have to love the use of the phrase 'special powers' - like x-ray vision is going to stop someone filling their pool.)

After what was described as "near average" rainfall fell in the past two months TW have decided that they will no no longer need the extra restrictions, however "a ban on households using hosepipes and sprinklers to water their gardens or wash their cars would remain and it could not rule out seeking a drought order next year."

Apparently if we have another dry winter this year then early next year we could see another drought order applied for. It's not just a summer thing any more.

Last Updated 01 September 2006