Extra, Extra

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Extra, Extra
  • Scotland Yard is hunting a knife-attack suspect after a mother was brutally stabbed to death on Wickham Street in Vauxhall while on her way to work this morning.
  • According to a new poll "One in six Londoners admits moving seats on the bus or Tube to avoid a passenger they believe may be Muslim." Depressing reading.
  • The 'stupidly massive city bonus' debate is reignited by bond trader Luis Marti-Sanchez who's demaning his rightful £5m from his employer (oh to have those kind of problems).
  • The Times reports that 'normal' property-seeking Londoners are having to resort to hiring 'buying agents'.
  • The Guardian reckons we might struggle to follow Beijing's 2008 Olympic spectacular.
  • A book of condolence for croc hunter Steve Irwin has been opened at Queensland House. Australia is talking about a state funeral!
  • Image of Poured Lines mural by Ian Davenport, courtesy of hedgiecc via the Londonist flickr group (more mural details on the image page).

    Last Updated 05 September 2006