Cogito Ergo Summary: Your Weekly Science Listings

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Cogito Ergo Summary: Your Weekly Science Listings

We’re back! Did you miss us? After nearly a month without any major sci/tech events, the usual venues are starting to awaken again following a summer break. So the Cogito returns, to appear every Wednesday and point you to the best London has to offer the inquisitive mind.

Event of the week

Future London: Footprints of a generation, at the Truman Brewery, 8-16 Sept.

Had Google been around a couple of decades ago, there’s a good chance that carbon footprint would have registered as a Googlewhack. These days, it’s an established term that’s wrapped up in a complex spindle of economics, politics and science. Making lifestyle changes to help reduce that footprint still seems like too much of a chore to much of the population. But a gradual chip, chip, chipping exercise of awareness raising and action on the part of local authorities is having an effect. For example, although far from perfect, there have been vast improvements in council-run recycling services since the Millennium. But we still need regular prodding and cajoling to make further energy savings.

One such prod comes from ‘Future London’, a major exhibition at the Old Truman Brewery from Friday. The event hopes to open people’s eyes to the benefits of going green, which can be financial as well as environmental. A series of zones will help us kit our homes, buy our food, choose our transport and protect the verdant parts of London from an environmental perspective. There’s also going to be an Olympics area, ‘presenting unique and playful information about the Games’. Oh, and Sophie Ellis Bextor pledges to “stop leaving electrical products on stand-by”, apparently.

If you can’t catch the Truman show, the event will rerun over at the Science Museum towards the end of September. Now that’s what we call recycling.


Two more events to tell you about. Sadly, you can’t attend both as they run concurrently next Tuesday. The Dana Centre returns with Brain Training, a special tie-in for something called Brain Fitness Week (unsurprisingly sponsored by a resurgent Nintendo, who are leading the new fad for IQ-boosting console games).

Find out if puzzle problems increase your IQ, stave off old age or even help prevent Alzheimer’s... Talk to the experts and try ‘brain training’ exercises in our mind-gym.

That ‘gym’ is open all week, incidentally. Alternatively, head over to the other end of town for an updater about nanotechnology at Gresham College.

When and where

Future London, Friday onwards, Truman Brewery, Brick Lane (opening times vary), FREE (we think)

Brain Training, Tuesday, 7pm, Dana Centre, FREE

Nanotechnology, Tuesday, 6pm, Gresham College, FREE

Contact us at Londonistscitech - at - gmail - dot - com if you'd like to alert us to an upcoming event.

Last Updated 06 September 2006