Camden = Resource Squanderers

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Camden = Resource Squanderers

It might be grim up north, but it’s also more energy efficient. That’s the verdict from British Gas (well, maybe not the ‘grim up north’ bit), who today announced results of an energy survey of a million UK households.

London sucks. And blows. Then sucks some more. Our boroughs represent eight of the top ten least-efficient areas in the UK. Camden, despite some pretty sound green initiatives by its council, is the biggest wastrel in the entire kingdom. The unenviable second and third spots belong to Kingston and Barnet.

Meanwhile, The North seems to be much better at saving energy (how? Lancashire hotpots take HOURS), with Merseyside topping the pile. (Note to self: remember not to insert snide, ignorant comment about recycling of stereos, hubcaps, handbags etc. here.)

Right…bored of this story now. We’re off for a nice hot bath, before arc welding our new sauna together.

Last Updated 18 September 2006