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Allen Moany

Woody Allen's co-workers and relations have today EXCLUSIVELY revealed that he adores filming in London. Really? We hadn't noticed – especially considering the twaddle he came up with for Match Point. (One pet hate of ours – why do filmmakers photographing London insist on warping its geography? Miss Johansson walks a long way for a drink after a failed audition, from the Royal Court to the Audley, near Grosvenor Square, W1. Just a small point, we know, but it seems important.)

Apparently, filming in London forces Allen to socialise with the cast and crew. Whenever the film-maker works at home in his native Manhattan, he becomes a recluse; scurrying home whenever he has a break. But friends and family have noticed a marked change in his persona whenever he shoots in London. Allen's sister and producer Letty Aronson says, "It's been a liberating experience working in England. Because he's not in New York, he doesn't go home for lunch and hangs out with the group more. He likes being in London. He hires a house. His wife and kids are here and he likes the restaurants. And the weather."

Good for you, Woody. If Scoop is shit, we're going to find your house, take it over, and throw a rave in it.

"You can live to be a hundred if you give up all the things that make you want to live to be a hundred" – Woody Allen

In other news today, a plumbing firm in Pimlico has ordered one of its workers to take a day off – to celebrate his 100th birthday, at least according to the Daily Mirror. The layabout-for-a-day labourer in question, Buster Martin, had hoped to celebrate reaching triple digits by going down the pub for a pint, but colleagues instead arranged a VIP tour of Chelsea's Stamford Bridge stadium for him. Whether or not Buster actually supports Chelsea has yet to be confirmed.

Mr. Martin claims that he hopes to be able to continue working until he reaches 125, which, if the fracas over retirement age is allowed to continue careering out of control any longer, he may well be forced to do anyway.

Buster is quoted as saying: "Boredom is a big killer. I went back to work [after retiring from working on market stalls three years ago] as I like to keep active. If I didn't work I would become the most miserable sod you have ever come across so I don't want to stop working."

We can only conclude that Mr. Martin is stark raving mad, and point him in the direction of The Idler publication.

We at Londonist hope that Buster’s enforced birthday leave is considered paid holiday, otherwise we would suggest that he take legal action against his boss for loss of earnings and age discrimination.

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