Win An Icy Sleepover!

By Londonist_ben Last edited 146 months ago
Win An Icy Sleepover!

Capital Radio listeners have been given the chance to win an all night sleep over in the Absolut Icebar. Four "lucky" listeners will become the first people to ever sleep over in the Icebar where temperatures are minus 5 degrees.

This will take place after a party to celebrate the arrival of Lucio, the station’s new "award-winning drive time DJ". Of course, if you can't get down to the Icebar, there will be celebrations and streetparties across the length and breadth of London, a procession of dancing elephants and a speech by the Prince Philip to celebrate his arrival.

The winners will snuggle up together for a night under faux fur throws and designer thermal sleeping bags flown in from Sweden. So if you fancy "snuggling up" with three complete strangers in a room made of ice at minus five degrees, listen in or apply here.

Last Updated 06 September 2006