You Wait Ages For A Tube Strike...

By Rob Last edited 148 months ago
You Wait Ages For A Tube Strike...

...and then three come along at once.

First up: the Jubilee Line, where RMT union members are being asked to vote on whether to walk out after a driver lost his job for passing a red signal.

Raj Nathvani, apparently had "an excellent safety record during his eight years as a Tube driver," right up until made the mistake of not stopping when he should have.

London Underground say "Passengers expect nothing less than that safety should be our prime concern."

Bob Crow says: "Other drivers who have made similar genuine errors have learnt from such mistakes and are still driving today. Some managers who have made errors have not been disciplined at all."

The next dispute is that old favourite: pay. The RMT have given LU until August 23 "to make an improved offer or face a ballot of 6,500 RMT members.".

Bobby Crow says: "There remains a massive gulf between what LUL (London Underground Ltd) is insisting on and what is acceptable to our members."

LU says: "We already made an improved offer and are awaiting the union's response."

And finally: 80 RMT members at Canary Wharf station will be voting on strike action "over a series of local disputes, including alleged harassment of a gay member of staff and 'victimisation' of a union representative."

LU says: "The claims are unfounded" (no quote from Bob on this one).

Now from our perspective the first two disputes appear to be the RMT jumping to strike action at the earliest available opportunity, and holding LU to ransom over pay; a policy which then distracts from genuinely 'unacceptable' behaviour i.e. harassment of a gay member of staff.

That 'drip drip drip' noise you can hear is Londoners' sympathy slowly draining away.

Last Updated 15 August 2006