Won't Someone Think Of The Celebrities!

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Won't Someone Think Of The Celebrities!

With all the news of bomb plots and terrorist alerts over the past week, it's easy to forget that there are some innocent, vulnerable, mildly famous people out there who just aren't equipped to deal with all the stress.

Take Bob Hoskins for example:

Bob Hoskins was left terrified by last week's airport alerts after flying into Los Angeles from London, oblivious of a thwarted terrorist attack.

The Mona Lisa star was on one of the last planes that left London's Heathrow airport before news of the foiled 9/11-like terror plot to devastate parts of the US became known.

We know what you're thinking: poor old Bob, on his way to sunny LA in the first class section of what was possibly the last trans-Atlantic flight to actually leave on time that day. How did he cope?

Well, turns out he coped by getting pissed up:

I took the last plane out and I didn't know anything about it. It was perfectly calm and everybody was very polite. I got on the plane and drank too much and ate too much like you do.

What a brave soul you are Bob, you're an example to us all.

However, once Bob landed in LA (safe and sound, without a scratch on him...and leathered) he soon heard the news and did what any red blooded male would do in his situation: he fainted.

The people who met me at the airport were really worried. They told me what happened and I passed out. I had to go back on that flight.

I was like: 'Do I take hand luggage? I can't take liquids (going back). I can't take anything. I've got to be there to the airport three hours before or do I get there five hours before? My old lady is gonna kill me. I'm supposed to take her on holiday to Cornwall when I get back.

Elsewhere in sleb land, the poor Sugababes were suffering at the hands of a Spanish crowd after they were delayed by a whopping 90 minutes on their flight out to Marbella:

The girl band were 90 minutes late for the gig in Marbella and angry concert-goers punished them by pelting them with bottles.

A fan says: "People were angry. We were not told a reason for the delay."

Wow, tough crowd.

Last Updated 17 August 2006