Where’s Wally?…With Tube Logos

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Where’s Wally?…With Tube Logos

Just one of the nerdilicious diversions on Metro Bits, a website celebrating the world’s metro/tube networks. As well as logos, you’ll find a fascinating section on metro architecture, the world’s best views from tube trains, loopy track topologies and plenty of lists. There’s even a section on the various noises made by closing doors around the world.

A perplexing stats page compares 161 different Metro networks. While the page is heaped in spoilsport caveats about what constitutes a Metro system, it is fun to play with. For what it’s worth, here are a few categories in which London excels.

London has the second oldest network (1863), beaten only by Mumbai (1853).

London is easily the world’s longest network, with 421 km of track.

We come second to New York for number of stations, however (468 versus 382).

All in all, you're left thinking there's an awful lot of Tube out there.

Thanks to reader David Warwick for the tip.

Last Updated 22 August 2006