Trafalgar Square Festival

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Trafalgar Square Festival

Pigeons used to be a nuisance in Trafalgar Square, filling the place with feathery disease and streaky poo; for the next three weeks, it's going to be wall to wall performers. Less poo, in some cases just as many feathers. And for some reason, this year there are lots of balls. Lots of balls.

Oddball Australian outfit Strangefruit who put on a colourfully crazy show on bendy poles for the Greenwich and Docklands International Festival will be The Spheres, a piece performed entirely on huge bobbing balls. There are also two performers spinning and moving around in two huge steel wheels from the Acrojou Acrobatic Theatre and what looks like, from the promotional material, an enormous white balloon with a woman dangling off the bottom of it. It's all balls this year - and we can't wait to see it.

The Trafalgar Square Festival this year is huge: between four and eight different shows are scheduled for each festival day. Alongside the more spherically inclined pieces, there will be fusion hip-hop / aerial dance, dervish whirling, dinosaurs on stilts and all sorts of dance.

After the Sultan's Elephant took a wander around the Square with his friend, we're wanting more and more large scale spectacles and outdoor performances in London. Looks like we're going to get it. With balls on.

The Trafalgar Square Festival takes place each Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. All performances are free and outdoors. For more information, go to the festival website here.

Last Updated 02 August 2006