Suck on this!

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Suck on this!
Campaign poster

If you've ever lived anywhere that isn't a big city, you can more often than not lie awake at night in London wishing it was a) dark and b) quiet. While police cars and ambulances might screech their way through the night on a regular basis wherever you might be in our fair city, imagine if you lived smack bang in the middle of vibrant and colourful (excuse our estate agent language) Soho, or worse Shoreditch.

Now it seems the ever imaginative Hackney Council have had enough of complains from longtime Hoxton Square residents moaning about anti-social behaviour and decided to do something about it. And that something? Well it's to give out free lollipops of course!

The council has been visiting licensees in the Shoreditch area to teach them about their new campaign entitled Ssh Shoreditch with the aim to reduce the noise of punters leaving bars and clubs in the area. We presume it is hoped that the introduction of lollipops into the mouths of noisy 20somethings will prevent them talking. So remember E2-ers, suck up and keep schtuum.

If you live in Hoxton and haven't yet discovered it, you might be interested to know your councillors are keeping a blog. Hurrah

Last Updated 03 August 2006