Scariest (And Safest) Streets In London

By Rob Last edited 150 months ago
Scariest (And Safest) Streets In London

It's something every Londoner wonders about: which of these filthy, crime-ridden streets is more crime-ridden than all the others?

Well, now we have our answer (and it's completely unsurprising):

New ward-by-ward police data show more than 20,000 crimes were committed in the West End in the 12 months to April.

The central London shopping and theatre district was also the scene of 247 street robberies - the fourth most in 625 wards.

It was only topped by three of the capital's poorest areas. Stratford and New Town in Newham, east London, had 300 muggings, followed by East Walworth (266) and Camberwell Green (263), both in Southwark in the south of the city.

So that's poor areas and the area with the most tourists who get lost easily and carry around expensive elecrical equipment. Who'd have thunk it?

As for the safest areas (also known as 'areas which are about to see a sudden hike in property prices):

The safest areas in the capital tended to be leafy, quiet suburbs towards the edge of the capital. In Bromley, the Darwin ward saw no street robberies at all, followed by nearby Shortlands with just three muggings. The total number of offences in both neighbourhoods averaged less than one a day.

Leafy suburbs you say? So more trees = less crime. Is that the conclusion we've arrived at?

Maybe we should all move to Holland Park?

Last Updated 23 August 2006