Our Tube Rules OK

By Rob Last edited 147 months ago
Our Tube Rules OK

Ok, try not to spit your breakfast everywhere, but London has been voted the best overall city for public transport in the world!

According to a survey on Tripadvisor.com one in four respondents reckoned our Tube and bus systems were way better than those in New York (16% of the vote) and Paris (a crappy 12%).

We've got to ask: have any of these people ever been to Japan, Singapore, Germany...anywhere? As much as we hold a special place in our heart for the Tube, it's our experience that in a lot of places worldwide you can find clean, reliable public transport systems which don't smell, have the magical air-conditioning, and beat our shaky, oudated network hands down.

Some people did have some sense however, as 25% of people also voted the capital the most expensive city to get around in, and our cab drivers were voted the world's best above those in New York and Mexico City.... in your face Mexico City!

In other transport news: the South West train strike cost us 'millions'.

Image taken from Flickr account of Annie Mole.

Last Updated 30 August 2006