Olympics Promise: We Won't Cock It Up, Honest

By Rob Last edited 141 months ago
Olympics Promise: We Won't Cock It Up, Honest

Everyone breathe a huge sigh of relief, because the Olympics is going to be just fine.

Honestly, it's going to be a doddle. The 'Olympic Chiefs' (nice business card to have) have promised, yes PROMISED that past mistakes such as... oooh lets's see now... the huge Wembley fiasco, will definitely not be repeated for 2012.

They've also said that "Profits will only be earned if targets are met," (try getting that deal with your local builder next time you need a conservatory putting up).

All this posturing is due to the fact that the consortium who will actually get the multi-million pound contract to manage the 2012 project has been announced.

They're called CLM, they're an Anglo-American mix of five companies and between them they have "experience of five previous Olympics, as well as Heathrow's Terminal Five."

Oh well then , should be a walk in the par....Hang on a minute! Terminal 5?

Ok everyone start panicking again.

Last Updated 31 August 2006


Start panicking? Why? T5 remains on budget and is ahead of schedule. It has been held up as an example -- in contrast to Wembley -- of the RIGHT way to run a complex construction project. CLM's other recent high profile project, Ascot, was also delivered on time. They have a great track record.

Without evidence, your kind of cynicism is more than a little boring.


J - we're aware that T5 was built ahead of schedule and on budget but that didn't stop certain problem affecting the project including strikes. Then, take a look at the scale of the T5 project and the scale of the 2012 project and extrapolate those problems.

We're not being over-cynical here (if anything we were being a bit flippant), what we're questioning is not whether they can do it or not (too early to say), but the way on which they're making grand promises about timetables and profits which are just setting themsleves up for a potential fall of embarrassing proportions.