Mythical Octopus Found In Lawyer's Office

By Rob Last edited 148 months ago
Mythical Octopus Found In Lawyer's Office

It's not every day we get to write a headline like that so we just had to bring your attention to this story:

A looted ancient Peruvian headdress considered of key importance to the country's cultural heritage has been seized from a lawyer's office in central London, the Metropolitan Police has said.

The artefact, symbolising a sea god and made from an embossed sheet of gold, depicts a mythical octopus with a stylised human head, cat-like features and eight tentacles.

Apparently 'Octo-Cat Man' is one of Peru's "most important ornaments" and "no ornament of similar quality can be found in any Peruvian museum", which would make us believe that Peru's museums aren't really up to much - but what do we know, we're busy queueing up to visit supermarkets.

Interpol have also issued a statement saying that now Octo-Cat Man has been found they'll be transferring their efforts in order to recover a carving of the Malaysian deity known only as Horsey-Hedgehog Man; as well as an incredibly rare sculpture of the ancient half panda, half doughnut Egyptian rain god, Jammy Paws.

Last Updated 17 August 2006