MP In 'Bad Dancer' Shocker

By Rob Last edited 152 months ago
MP In 'Bad Dancer' Shocker

You know an article is going to be good when it contains the words 'MP' and 'street dance routine'. Which is why we couldn't resist reading this little gem from the site:

He may know all the right political moves in Parliament but MP Stephen Hammond struggled to keep in step with kids.

The Wimbledon MP visited a summer theatre scheme in the South Wimbledon Community Centre and wowed onlookers when he joined in a street dance routine.

A promising opening we'll think you'll agree, but after a great start the article tails off into details of how troubled children are benefiting from the scheme, and how it's a "great way to help them back into mainstream schooling,"...blah blah blah.

Whare are the real details? What kind of 'street dance' was Stephen partaking in? How long did he last? Was there laughter? Did people throw things? Did he try to rap? What's happened to journalistic standards these days goddammit?

All we get is a quote from Stephen where he says "Today we've proved once and for all that I can't dance," when what we really want is an embedded YouTube video of the incident in question.

If you want to try and imagine how bad 'streetdancegate' (as we're now calling it) would have been here's a picture of Stephen to help you along.

Last Updated 16 August 2006