Mayor Major?

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Mayor Major?

Guardian writer Julian Glover thinks he knows just the man for the Tory Mayoral candidacy:

The applicant must have proven executive experience at high levels in government or business and clear and longstanding links with London.


An interest in sport (especially the Olympics) will be taken into consideration as will international experience. Must be used to dealing with a hostile media, good at talking to people in the street and on television. A national reputation is a clear advantage

Go on..

No one fitting this description has applied to the party's Victoria Street offices...But there is one man who might do it. He isn't (so far as I know) contemplating a bid. But he should. He is John Major.

Pfffffffffftttttttttt (that's us spitting out our freshly made cuppa all over the Londonist desk).

John Major? John 'nice peas dear' Major? John 'Edwina shagger' Major?

Is Julian taking the piss?

Born in London he cut his political teeth in Lambeth in the 60s, fighting racism and building friendships with other young councillors, including Labour's Tony Banks and Ken Livingstone. He still has fond memories of those days and they shaped most of his views.

He likes sport - not just cricket — which is what the capital needs to keep the Olympics on track after the chaos of Wembley Stadium. He knows the city, and still lives in it. He certainly has the time. He certainly has the money, too. He's run a war and won a general election.

Oh, hang on a minute...didn't Julian Glover help write Major's autobiography? Ok, we get it now: Julian just wants to write Volume II but doesn't think the grey one's current round of after dinner speeches, cricket watching and the odd cup of tea in front of Deal Or No Deal will help the book fly off the shelves.

Shame on you Julian - maybe you should think about what's good for your fellow Londoners instead of lining your own pockets. You're a disgrace man.

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