Man Charged With Spongebob Abduction

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Man Charged With Spongebob Abduction

Remember Spongebob the monkey?

He was the cheeky chap who was 'liberated' from Chessington World of Adventure last month, only to turn up in Clapham a few days later.

Spongebob's recovery had absolutely nothing to do with the efforts of the local constabularly who seemed to have a bit of a problem getting their heads round the fact that the squirrel monkey probably didn't the cut the fence around his enclosure himself.

So it's a little bit of a surprise to read today that a man has been charged with Spongebob's abduction:

Officers from Kingston's burglary team arrested a 22-year-old Marlon Brown, from Brixton, in connection with the monkey's theft this morning at around 8.45am.

That's all the details we have right now - no word on motive or anything like that, but we'll keep our eyes peeled.

As for Spongebob, well he hasn't had it easy: "One of the girl monkeys bit his foot and he may now need surgery. The park has built him a separate enclosure so he can recover in peace."

And how do we know this? Well you see Spongebob now has his own blog, entitled (wait for it) SpongeBlog.

Here's a little exceprt:

You see, the other monkeys have not been very nice to me! In fact, I was bullied. Yeah, I admit it. The girls all bullied me. It became so bad in the end that my keepers decided to separate me from the group, and they have built me a very nice house inside the enclosure. I can still see everyone, but they can’t get to me. I now have an inside and outside area where I can hang out until things get back to normal.

A couple of the girls are ok, actually. Squeak and Monkhead come and visit me, and I do think that is very nice. I am not sure about the others, though!

Unfortunately during the worst bullying, one of the girls bit me on the foot. It’s really painful and sore, and the vet had to come especially to see me. He had a look and now I am on some medicine to see if it gets any better. He said I might have to have a small operation, and I am not happy about that. Let’s hope the medicine works, I say!

All together now: aaaaahhh.

Last Updated 23 August 2006