Londonist loves... Tube Refunds

By Talia Last edited 151 months ago
Londonist loves... Tube Refunds

If you've just got held up in Central line delays [suspended between Liverpool St and White City by the way], then you should be pointing your web browser at the TFL customer Charter. Instead we'll place a bet that most of you haven't even heard of it. In fact even we forgot about it until a few weeks ago when the ever entertaining Annie Mole reminded us about it.

Having recieved £9 of refunds through the post last week we decided it was only fair to remind you. The deal is this: If you are delayed by 15 mins or more on your tube journey then you may claim a refund of the price of a single journey per trip.

Simply fill in this form and you'll soon have a £3 voucher you can use towards any tube ticket (including your monthly travelcard) winging its way to you.

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Last Updated 09 August 2006