Is Orwell's 1984 still a set text?

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Is Orwell's 1984 still a set text?

Here's something fucked up:

A London school is to embark on a trial to fingerprint children when they return to school.

That'll stop the little buggers from flying planes into the tuck shop. But is it enough? Why stop there? For a start this is simply to 'monitor attendance'. Must be that the kids were bypassing the old system in such a complex way that fingerprinting them was the only solution.

It plans to build a database so children can be identified and their time of arrival recorded in a "Live Register" by pressing a finger on an electronic pad. If late arrivals fail to press a pad at the gates or in a classroom they will be recorded as absent. A spokesperson for the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea, in which Holland Park School is located, told GC News: "In order for the system to operate students have one finger scanned. No record of the scan is kept. Rather, it is turned by process of algorithm into an individual number that is recorded and recognised when a student places their finger on the reader."

How about taking that number and having it tattooed on their forearms? That sounds like a nice efficient system that's worked in the past when you want to reduce individuals to cattle.

Better yet change the uniform to a nice bright orange jump suit and make school compulsory for 24 hours a day until they prove they can become efficient little members of society.

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