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Football Extra

Reaction from Ghana's 2-0 victory over Togo on Tuesday night and some fantasy football news

As Ghana captain Stephen Appiah clutched the match sponsor's trophy (pictured) coaches and officials gave their reaction to the night's events and London's influence on the proceedings.

Fred Pappoe, Vice President of the Ghanaian Football Association (middle of picture):

London is one of our favourite places away from home… so far we’ve played two or three games in this place and the output, not necessarily the scores or the result, the output has been very interesting. We enjoy the benefit of convenience in terms of getting the players to converge and then together to disperse on time so we will definitely come back.

His excellency Mr.Annan Arkyin Cato, Ghana’s High Commissioner to the United Kingdom (left of picture):

I’ve been here for less than two months, and for the Black Stars to come and play in London, and to win, I couldn’t have expected anything better… My message [to London’s Ghanaian community] is that they have showed so much solidarity as was expected of them and I expect that as long as the Black Stars deliver they can count on the support of the Ghanaian community. Of course, it works the other way, too. As long as our people support the Black Stars I think that they will deliver. I’m sure that this will happen.

Togo's German manager Otto Pfister on why Arsenal's Emmanuel Adebayor did not feature:

Because he was not ready for play… he was a little bit tired, he played in Belgrade and he was very strong Saturday. It’s no problem. I give another boy a chance. It’s no problem Adebayor play or not play. This is also our strongest player, but also one day he can have a yellow card or he can have injuries...

Meanwhile, it has come to our attention that we never got round to announcing the results of the Londonist world cup fantasy football competition. We’re proud to say that, despite sticking only to players we recommended in our previews, we still managed third place with 600.5 (and that half is important) points, though we were well beaten by the top two. The overall winner was The Back Office with a storming 761.5, but there was some controversy involved as this team joined the league a long way into the competition with enough scores already on the doors to slot handily into second marginally behind the leader. On their manager’s own admission they “just waltzed in” which did make us wonder if they would have been out on the dancefloor searching for partners quite so enthusiastically without that handy total in their back pocket, but in fairness we never said that a team couldn’t join (very) late, so The Back Office are the victors. However, our Corinthian, hearty pat on the back is awarded to Sweet Banlieue Pourri (a fascinating name that we’d love to have explained) who were in from the start and came in as official runners-up on 651.5 points. Many thanks to all those who took part.

Obviously, with the Premiership about to start, we were keen to run another of these fun leagues and so you’ll find the Londonist crowd down at the Fantasy Premier League site where it’s free to enter. The joining details are:

League Name: Londonist

Code to join: 332610-94832

Last Updated 17 August 2006