Extra, Extra

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Extra, Extra
  • In case you were wondering, airoport 'chaos' is continuing and thousands of bags have gone missing.
  • Despite the heightened security a 12-year-old boy managed to walk on to a Monarch Airlines plane at Gatwick Airport bound for Lisbon without any travel documents this week.
  • While the Met is announcing that homophobic attacks are falling across the capital, the gay media are claiming that numbers have actually increased by over a quarter in some inner city areas and by up to 100% in the suburbs.
  • WTF? Cardiff and Edinburgh are now more expensive to live in than London? How could we let this happen people? Our crown has been taken away from us. Just wait until 2012 then we'll show the rest of the country how to ramp up prices unnecessarily!
  • Thisislondon.co.uk has been redesigned - the main improvement being that is doesn't resize your browser in Firefox anymore.
  • Beyonce Knowles was apparently refused entry into Kabaret Prophecy on Monday night when a 24-year-old man was stabbed to death after being ejected from the club for fighting (yeah we realise how messed up the priorities are in that story).
  • Image courtesy of jjdubit via the Londonist flickr group.

    Last Updated 16 August 2006