Culture Crawl

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Culture Crawl

Friday 25 August

For those who like their Friday nights to be a little bloody, the Texas Chainsaw Travelling Horror Show is in town this evening - more information (not for the faint-hearted) here.

For a slightly less terrifying but no less fun and thought-provoking evening, Arabise Me is this month's Friday Late at the Victoria & Albert Museum. "Listen to live Hip-hop from Eslam Jawaad, one of the first MC's to write and record in classical Arabic, foosha and creator of foos-hop," performance pieces combining cooking and comic tales, screenings of the latest Arab music videos but the big draw is the thing that this Friday Late gets its name from:

Wael Hattar specially commissioned multi-media installation 'Make Your Own Arab' will be shown at Friday Late Arabise Me for the first time. Hattar will present an interactive installation; a tongue in cheek look at the perceptions of Arab identity.

Arabise me, Friday Late at the Victoria & Albert Museum, from 6.30pm onwards, entry is free.

Elsewhere in Albertropolis, Priceless continues - if you're in the area, keep your eyes peeled for Interesting Things.

Saturday 26 August

Play.orchestra is the whizzy interactive, virtual music... thing on the terrace of the Royal Festival Hall. Free workshops with live musicians are on offer from 11.00am to 1.00pm. Play.orchestra is basically a load of empty chairs laid out like an orchestra and sitting in any seat will instantly start music by the instrument that is meant to be there. Moving between seats and listening to each different instrument playing its part in the score is a unique chance to experience music evolving and developing like no other way before. Play.orchestra at the Royal Festival Hall Terrace, from 8.00am daily, entry is free.

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