Competition : Moana & The Tribe

By Talia Last edited 149 months ago
Competition : Moana & The Tribe

If you're running on a high of cultural experiences having been along to Carnival this weekend, then stay on that high, and spend an evening checking out the final UK date of what sounds like a cool and unusual night out tonight

Moana & the Tribe are a Maori collective who bring song, Maori chants and haka together with film. The emphasis is on vocal harmonies and melodies and the mixture of indigenous instruments and chants with soul, reggae and hip-hop. The concert is accompanied by a video backdrop of stunning images from New Zealand landscapes, archival footage and symbols from Maori culture. Not only that but the performance will be followed by screenings of ‘Guarding the Family Silver’, a documentary produced by Toby Mills which looks at the impact on Maori of the intellectual property system and the appropriation of traditional symbols, images and words in the global market-place.

This is certainly going to be different from your run-of-the-mill gig and we're taking the opportunity to offer Londonist readers a pair of tickets to see the performance tonight at Brixton's Ritzy Cinema. Simply fill in the form below and we'll let you know if you've won by 5pm. Alternatively you can still buy tickets online for £10.

Last Updated 29 August 2006