Axl Rose - The New Diana?

By Rob Last edited 148 months ago
Axl Rose - The New Diana?

Axl Rose has been visiting London's teenage cancer wards!

Guns n' Roses frontman Axl Rose has made a surprise visit to the Teenage Cancer Trust Ward at the University College Hospital in London.

Simon Davies, the CEO of the Teenage Cancer Trust Ward, commented: "We were so touched that Axl wanted to visit the Teenage Cancer Trust ward in London."

Now, this is great and everything, but it seems to us that letting Axl Rose near really sick kids without warning could do more harm than good. That hair weave he's currently sporting could do a lot of damage to the mental stability of many healthy people, never mind the critically ill. And we're pretty sure those tight microshorts he's so fond of are against all sorts of health and safety regulations.

And is this really what we want our rock stars doing? Isn't it sending out a mixed message to your fans when you're demanding roast dinner riders one minute and then asking cancer patients "about their diagnosis and treatment," the next?

It's a bit like Cliff Richard suddenly declaring his love of PCP before cranking out a mangled verison of "God Save the Queen" on a heavily distorted electric guitar... using only his knob.

Last Updated 14 August 2006