Where To Go For Mayor News

By Rob Last edited 153 months ago
Where To Go For Mayor News

Next years' Mayoral election should be quite interesting, what with the Conservative's 'Tory Idol' style candidate selection process and all of Ken's recent (ahem) 'publicity'.

But don't expect Londonist to keep you up-to-date every step of the way, we've got out hands full writing about The Hoff and tracking down rare monkeys on Clapham Common. No, if you want daily mayoral updates then you'll have to go elsewhere:

Mayorwatch.org.uk is a great little resource that has been keeping tabs on the Assembly and the Mayor for a long time now and they have a very good blog that is starting to include such topics as the Conservatives problems in finding a suitable candidate.

For more Tory-centric info, you can to go to Conservativehome.com's London Mayor blog who are following every step of the Conservative effort, including one Warwick Lightfoot, who (despite having a name straight out of Lord of the Rings) is the first Tory to formally declare for the Mayoral race.

Here's his campaign website.

And if its anti-Ken stuff you're after get over to Londoners against Livingstone and the Mayor of London blog.

No word from the Lib-Dem's as yet but we'll keep you updated (Hoff and monkey's permitting).

Last Updated 25 July 2006