The Chameleon Finally Turns Green

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The Chameleon Finally Turns Green

David Cameron's quest to become carbon neutral got a helpful push yesterday when plans to build solar panels and a roof turbine on the Tory leader's house received the go-ahead from Tory-run Kensington and Chelsea Council. They approved the installation of a turbine on the condition that it is of "limited size and grey in colour".

Wind turbines can save you approximately a third off your electricity bill but with a price tag of almost £3000 the Daily Mail estimates that it will take forty years for the wind turbine to pay for itself.

According to the Guardian, he will also install a solar thermal system to heat most of the Cameron family's hot water,

In mid-summer it is likely that he will be able to have several free hot baths a day.

... lucky David, several hot baths is just what a man needs on a sweltering mid-summer day.

Of course, Cameron is the greenest politician ever - he can't get enough of recycling, ran his local election campaign on the slogan "vote blue, get green" and would probably go and live in the woods and eat only acorns if a poll suggested that it'd be good for publicity. However, earlier this year it emerged that while he cycles to work, a car follows behind carrying his suitcase and shoes, making him about as carbon neutral as a bag of coal.

Last Updated 12 July 2006