Shooting in London part two - Treasure Hunt

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Shooting in London part two - Treasure Hunt

First it was Shoreditch, then it spread outwards to encompass London and now the whole world is a target:

Shoot Nations is a partnership project between Shore Thing and Shoot Experience for young people aged between 11-21. Adventure, fun and communication without words are the main aims. It is a free competition that takes place in your home city, town and area. You don't have to be a great photographer to enter and you can submit up to 5 photos or pictures. The shoot begins on the 24th July. You have one week to take the most creative photos possible and upload them to our website as 'answers' to each question in the brief.

When we were kids the most exciting competition open to us was trying to get a picture of Rogue Trooper printed in Tharg's Nerve Centre. Bloody kids these days, don't know they're born etc... digital cameras? In our day you were lucky to have a digital watch.

So chuck the nippers out in the sun - and that includes any 20 year olds hanging around the place eating cornflakes at two in the afternoon - and tell 'em to get snapping.

We want you take photographs. If you don't have a camera then you can draw pictures - but we would prefer it if you can borrow a camera.

See - there's no excuse. Unless you're old and decrepit like us.

We'd have loved to enter the above 'answer' to one of the clues, but not only are we too old it probably breaks the derogatory/obscene rule too.

Last Updated 19 July 2006