Shiny Toy Guns at Barfly

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Shiny Toy Guns at Barfly
Shiny Toy Guns

Occasionally we find a band we love who aren't from the UK. We listen to the album obsessively for a week or so and then decide we want to see them live. Inevitably, this means that they were in the UK the week before we wanted to see them and we get really annoyed.

Not so this time. Eighties sounding electro revivalists Shiny Toy Guns have been a permanant fixture in our music players since we read about them on a pop forum several weeks ago and eventually bothered to look up their myspace page. Hailing from Oklahoma, the band have just signed to Universal Records and will be distributed via their Polydor branch in the UK. We think they sound somewhat like London based The Modern if they hadn't screwed up their deal and had spent a few hours listening to Linkin Park before recording their album. Yes, electroclash + nu-metal, we know what you're thinking - we're making this sound awful! It's probably a better idea to listen to it yourselves over on myspace, and then we have no doubt that you'll be tapping your feet to Le Disko for weeks.

Tickets are £7 and you can get them from the Barfly website.

Last Updated 11 July 2006