Ken Involved In Another 'Anti-Semite' Row (But Not In The Way You'd Expect)

By Rob Last edited 151 months ago
Ken Involved In Another 'Anti-Semite' Row (But Not In The Way You'd Expect)

Well that makes a refreshing change: someone is suing Ken Livingstone because the mayor accused them of being "a virulent anti-semite".

Jack Sayers is what the Kilburn Times calls "a controversial ex-councillor" and he's not too happy about Mayor Kenneth after he picked up on remarks made by Mr Sayers at a public meeting in June last year and claimed they were anti-semitic.

Jack is now claiming that Ken's comments "damaged my character and reputation", to the tune of £15,000.

The Kilburn Times is unwilling to give up any more information in its online version but we did a quick Google and found out that in Jund of last year Jack stood up at a health conference in Cricklewood and said:

Jews run everything in Britain and practically run America.

He then went on to defend himself by saying:

"I'm Irish and people say the Irish run the building trade, that is not offensive. I have great admiration for Jewish people. I made a remark about Jewish people and it in praise of them and what they do. Look at areas where Jews are and it thrives, but when they are gone, an area suffers from it. Here in Cricklewood when there was a large Jewish community it was a thriving area and now it is very run down. Just look at the area and see for yourself. Those are the facts."

Hmm, we may have to side with Ken on this one.

Last Updated 20 July 2006