It's Official: London's Getting Hotter

By Rob Last edited 150 months ago
It's Official: London's Getting Hotter

Yeah we know this week is verging on the unbearable, you don't need us to tell you that, what we're talking about here is the temperature trends over the past decade.

According to figures released by the Met Office, in May 1996 the average daily temperature was just under 11C, at the same time this year it was almost 15C.

Similarly in August 1996, the average stood at just over 18C, by the time we get to August 2005 year it was almost 19C.

So what's causing this then Mr Met Man?

We know global temperatures have increased in the past 100 years but we have no way of knowing what is causing this. We simply do not have enough data to see accurately how changes in carbon dioxide emissions affect global temperatures.

Getting back to the here and now, the Mayor has already admitted that some Tube lines may have to close if it gets any hotter, while London Underground refused to comment today on reports that Tube temps hit 47C on the Central Line on Monday:

"A spokesman said generally they were the same or a few degrees higher than the outside temperature."

Yeah, right.

And the good news? Tomorrow may be Britain's hottest day EVER!.

Last Updated 18 July 2006