"Huge" Fire In East London

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"Huge" Fire In East London

Londonist has just had a late-night phone call from friends in Bow Church saying there is a "huge fire" raging somewhere in East London, "somewhere to the east as you look from Bow Church/Pudding Mill Lane area towards Canary Wharf". We apologise for the inaccurate location - any late-night Londonist readers able to provide better information?

The inferno is apparently "in an area about the size of a couple of blocks of flats"; the flames are "reaching at least 100 feet into the air". While speaking to our friends, sirens were clearly audible in the background.

Our thoughts go out to anyone affected by this, which our friends described as "one hell of a fire". We really hope it's like the scrap yard blaze from last year where no-one was hurt. We'll keep you updated as we learn more.

Fire pic from AceFrenzy's Flickr photostream

UPDATE: Here's the BBC News story.

Thanks to Richard for the link, and Will and Chris for the story.

Last Updated 13 July 2006