How Well Do You Know Your 'Big Here'

By Rob Last edited 150 months ago
How Well Do You Know Your 'Big Here'

We saw the link to Kevin Kelly's 'Big Here' theory over on Jason Kottke's site, took one look at it and decided we weren't even go to try and attempt it, as doing so would just embarass us.

However - we'd like you to give it a go.

Here's the concept:

You live in the big here. Wherever you live, your tiny spot is deeply intertwined within a larger place, imbedded fractal-like into a whole system called a watershed, which is itself integrated with other watersheds into a tightly interdependent biome.

Still with us?

At the ultimate level, your home is a cell in an organism called a planet. All these levels interconnect. What do you know about the dynamics of this larger system around you? Most of us are ignorant of this matrix. But it is the biggest interactive game there is.

In order to find this out Kevin wants you to answer questions such as What time is sunset today? and How many feet above sea level are you? and Right here, how deep do you have to drill before you reach water? (that's about where we gave up).

Kevin wants to hear from anyone who scores a 25 or better on his quiz (there's even "a few small prizes" up for grabs) and we'd quite like to see how many readers know their slice of London to such an intimate degree.

Last Updated 12 July 2006