Grosvenor Square Safety Group Assemble!

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Grosvenor Square Safety Group Assemble!
The Disrupters

A murder of crows. A shrewdness of apes. A tower of giraffes. A grosvenor of idiots.

Residents living near the US embassy in London on Thursday accused British authorities of leaving them vulnerable to a terrorist attack by failing to provide adequate security measures. An alliance calling itself the Grosvenor Square Safety Group took out a double-page ad in The Times of London and the Washington Post, accusing government and the police of a "moral failure" for not closing streets around the well-fortified building. The advertisement said residents in surrounding Georgian houses - worth millions of pounds - would be killed "should a terrorist explosive device go off."

Cry us a river. Although the group is also concerned about people beyond the immediate terrorist catchment area as the ad in The Times declared that if an 850kg bomb hit the embassy, people as far as Oxford Street could be affected. So maybe they should be equally concerned about the threat of an 850kg going off in Oxford Street...

The group called for the permanent closure of two streets that run alongside the embassy in the wealthy Mayfair area of the city.

Great idea. Let's see what's exploded so far though. Ahh trains and buses. So maybe we should start with closing all the roads around tube stations first. And closing the roads under the buses would flummox even the most determined terrorist type.

Apparently what happens to the residents of Grosvenor Square is "a critical national issue".

No, really. Stop laughing. This is serious...

Last Updated 28 July 2006