Gay Sunday at the Zoo

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Gay Sunday at the Zoo

What do all these animals have in common?









Well, they're all going to be a big hit on the London Zoo Gay Sunday scheduled for 17 September this year. Why should London Zoo get a Gay Sunday all to itself - aren't there better and more likely candidates in our distinctly pink-tinged city that merit a homosexual holiday? Perhaps, but London Zoo it must be as according to the Daily Mirror, "London Zoo was selected as the venue for the Gay Sunday event because it's becoming a top gay date spot."

So with that in mind, London Zoo's event aims to promote gay and lesbian culture and raise awareness of endangered wildlife at the same time through the medium of drag queens, cabaret, fire-jugglers, a VIP lounge and a champagne and cocktail terrace as well as the chance to meet and greet your favourite animals andexplore the zoo's two brand new, state-of the-art exhibits.

There will also be debates organised by the London Zoological Society on the possibility of gay animals, in case anyone has any doubts that they could exist...

Tickets for the September 17 event are £14.50 on the gate, £11.90 when booked through the website here.

Last Updated 12 July 2006