Freaky Ghost Video

By Rob Last edited 148 months ago
Freaky Ghost Video

We were just browsing around YouTube, as we do from time to time, when we came across something with the following description "This picture was taken in 2000 in London. The building was abandoned and there was nothing in the window but a mysterious mist at the time of the photo. What do YOU think it is?"

We were expecting one of those 'look really close and then we'll freak you out with a truly scary picture of a screaming mad woman when you least expect it' things, or just a crappy viral ad for the London Dungeon but actually what we saw when we clicked on that little arrow, actually scared us a little bit... only a little bit mind.

The YouTube page doesn't tell us what the building is or any other details (and neither does the related blog) so if anyone recognises it then let us know.

Last Updated 26 July 2006