Forest Gate; The Sequel

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Forest Gate; The Sequel

The IPCC have decided to launch a second probe into the Forst Gate raid.

The second investigation (Forest Gate II: The Reckoning) will "examine allegations from neighbours in the next door house," and follow up on claims that they were assaulted by officers during the raid:

The IPCC can confirm that it has received a complaint from the occupants of number 48 Lansdown Road and is conducting an independent investigation in relation to this," the watchdog said in a statement.

This investigation is separate from the IPCC's investigation into the discharge of a police firearm during the raid at number 46 Lansdown Road, although it is being conducted by the same investigation team.

We can't help but think of those films which inevitably starred Charles Bronson, in which Bronson plays some bloke whose wife gets killed so he goes on a violent, vengeance-seeking rampage which involves killing the peopel their parents, their landlord, the landlord's paperboy and the paperboy's cat.

Except in this case the Bronson character is played by 250 officers of the Metropolitan Police Force.

Last Updated 10 July 2006