Extra, Extra

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Extra, Extra
  • It's one year since we won the Olympic bid, so the BBC has a look at what's happened in those 365 days: "To be precise, there is one big hole in the ground."
  • But, as the Times reports, the cost of the Games is set to rise by well over £1.5 billion.
  • Maybe the owners of Covent Garden could stump up some of the cash. They're about to sell for around £450m.
  • And back to the Olympics, the FT reckons that the event won't boost tourism and that the industry is actually "set to suffer a decline in the aftermath of the event."
  • And now for something completely trivial: Lindsay Lohan's London lover, is it Mr McFly or not?.
  • Image courtesy of mintea via the Londonist flickr group.

    Last Updated 06 July 2006