Dos Hermanos

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Dos Hermanos

We like our restaurant/bar review blogs with plenty of photos and a generous dollop of detail here at Londonist so when we came across Dos Hermanos we tucked right in.

You just can't have a food review blog without pictures of the food. It's alright describing the gastronomic experience with a load of flowery adjectives but we need to see what wer'e going to get for our money dammit (when will the broadsheet restaurant reviewers catch up we wonder).

Dos Hermanos have no shame when it comes to whipping out their digital camera, be it in a greasy spoon or a Michelin starred bistro, and they don't skimp on the words either, whether they're describing the view:

We were not seated right by the windows as I had requested. However, like London’s other elevated dining room, Rhodes 24, the view is splendid from where ever you sit. Although, given London’s shameful lack of tall buildings, it did take me a while to figure out where the hell I was looking.

...or the bill:

There was a huge argument over the bill. A huge one. Not because they overcharged but because they wanted to charge us so little, if at all because my chum was such a friend of the house. He of course refused being a man of ample ethics (or an ample man of ethics, I am not quite sure ) so we both laid down £20 which I suspect more than covered the bill and tip.

To our shame we're yet to visit any of the eateries Dos Hermanos have so lovingly explored on our behalf, but it's a recent blog discovery so there's plenty of time yet to expand our knowledge and our waistlines.

(They could with sorting out the design of the blog though, tiny column widths bug us to hell, but we're just nitpicking now.)

Last Updated 14 July 2006