Cogito Ergo Summary: Your Weekly Science Listings

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Cogito Ergo Summary: Your Weekly Science Listings

These listings appear every Wednesday. If you want to let us know about any upcoming science or technology events, you can contact us on

Event of the Week

Wired Waste: Designing away gadget guilt at the Dana Centre, tonight

Pretty much everyone reading these words will own a mobile phone, a digital camera and at least one computer. DVD players, televisions, iPODs - all are now ‘essential luxuries’ of modern life. And for many people, all ‘need’ upgrading every year or two. The result: a toxic mountain of past-it plastics and disintegrated circuits.

But solutions abound, and the Dana Centre wants to tell us about them.

See a phone cover that will rot away and grow into a sunflower, and meet the scientist who's making gadgets that'll take themselves apart for easy recycling…Use our interactive game to have a go at recycling phone parts, and see the world's only circuit board made on a sheet of lasagne.

Mmm, lasagne and chips.


The Royal Institution has a bit of a ‘when good scientists go bad’ theme this week. Mathematicians behaving badly, tomorrow, highlights all the famous number-crunchers associated with Greenwich, and their propensity to fall out with one another. Then on Tuesday, the attention shifts to the mind, and a chance to vote for the worst bit of brain research in the world…ever. An area perhaps not quite ready for a channel 4, top-50 countdown.

After their light-hearted look at techno-garbage, the Dana Centre follow up with more serious discussions - cancer tomorrow night, and another look at the determinants of sexuality, on Tuesday.

When and Where?

Wired Waste: Designing away gadget guilt, 7pm, Wednesday, Dana Centre, FREE

Mathematicians behaving badly: Greenwich's place in the history of mathematics, 7pm, Thursday, University of Greenwich, £8

The 'C' Word: Demystifying cancer, 7pm, Thursday, Dana Centre, FREE

From bad to worse: the worst ideas on the mind, 7pm, Tuesday, Franklin-Wilkins Building, 150 Stamford Street, £8

Sourcing sexuality, 7pm, Tuesday, Dana Centre, FREE

Last Updated 12 July 2006