Calling All Tory Mayor Hopefuls (Not So Fast Ferrari)

By Rob Last edited 150 months ago
Calling All Tory Mayor Hopefuls (Not So Fast Ferrari)

Any Londonist readers who dream of becoming Conservative Mayor of London, you need to get your skates on. The deadline for 'Tory Mayor Idol' is this Friday.

As the Times article says, so far there are only "two worthy but obscure" candidates who Ken would more than likley "eat for breakfast", but there is a shortlist of possiblities:

Some of the names floated include Lord Stevens of Kirkwhelpington, the former Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police, Jeremy Clarkson, Nick Ferrari, a radio broadcaster in London, Carol Thatcher and, apparently, Sir Alan Sugar (even though he appears in party political broadcasts for the Labour Party).

Woah, woah ,woah...Nick Ferrari?

Ok, Jeremy Clarkson is a bit tough to swallow, but we're pretty sure that's just a typical Clarkson publicity grab which will come to nothing. But Ferrari is doing interviews Sunday braodsheets which include sentences like this:

His critics say it's all a publicity stunt, but he is serious enough to be in negotiations with broadcasting regulator Ofcom about whether, under regulations to prevent bias, he could run without giving up his show. And he already has his slogan: 'Vote for me, I'm not one of them.'

And this:

He loathes speed cameras and bus lanes but reserves maximum outrage for the cycle grids painted on roads at traffic lights: 'If you can find me a cyclist who can get away from the lights quicker than I can, then they can have that.' Isn't the point, though, to slow cars down so they don't crush cyclists? 'Why should I slow down? I've paid a fortune in tax to get in the car, what used to be three lanes is one because you have got cycle lanes and a bus lane - and there's some Observer journalist away to get her muesli from Hackney quicker than I can get [home] to Blackheath.'

Now on the one hand, if Ferrari ran, it might actually be fun to watch Ken destroy the bigoted little turd...but on the other hand, do we want to risk it? Londoners are an unpredictable bunch and if you look at the amount of listeners Ferrari's phone in show gets then things start getting a bit scary.

Come back Steve Norris, all is forgiven.

Last Updated 31 July 2006