Another Flick in Millwall

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Another Flick in Millwall

Flick to kick enthusiasts will be flocking to Millwall FC's Lions Sports Centre this weekend for the London International Open Subbuteo tournament. Players from Denmark, Italy, Belgium, France, Malta, Greece, Cyprus, the Czech Republic and Australia will be challenging the UK's finest in individual competition on Saturday and a team tournament on Sunday.

The London Table Football Club will be strongly represented and is running events and competitions alongside the main proceedings, the highlight of which will be the opportunity for visitors to run around on a child-sized inflatable Subbuteo pitch that they can also win to take away. We live in hope that there might also be a tricks display featuring a recreation of great footballing moments, but will probably have to wait for the sport's finest to work out how to flick a figure's head forward in such a way as to lift a second figure clean off the ground. The long distance tap down the tunnel while narrowly avoiding the "00" scale replica trophy is a tricky one to pull off consistently, too.

There will also be a chance for die-hard ex-flickers to reminisce over their childhood skills by playing a few friendlies - however, no crawling about on the floor will be allowed. Trade stalls will also be available to buy some old and new equipment.

We assume they'd also be interested in making you an offer on that carefully preserved Football Express five-a-side set that's sitting in the loft, though it's more likely you'd end up bringing it back home so you could try out all the new accessories you just had to buy. Both days begin at 9:30am sharp and should end between 6 and 7pm.

Light refreshments will be available at the venue. However, no drinks may be taken into the sports hall. Larger refreshments and hot meals are available at a café 30 metres from the venue.

It looks like wearing sports shoes in the hall is recommended, too.

Photo via atomicShed's Flickr stream.

Last Updated 14 July 2006