Acacia Avenue: Who Could Live In A Street Like This?

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Acacia Avenue: Who Could Live In A Street Like This?

Dull, suburban Middle Englanders, if the stereotype is to be believed.

And it is.

According to a survey by AA insurance (why?), if you live on an Acacia Avenue, you’re likely to fit the following profile:

Their recipe for happiness involves never moving, never divorcing and never changing job. They have three bedrooms, and a garden, on which one in five has a shed and one in 10 a gnome. They earn on average the average national wage, £22,500, and waste just 21 minutes of their busy lives getting to work. Just over half go abroad once a year, with Spain by far the most popular destination.

So how can we liven this everystreet up a little? Well, here are some interesting (in the Steve Davis sense) facts.

• According to the A-Z Master Atlas of Greater London, our region contains 10 Acacia Avenues.

• Four of those are located next to a Laburnum Avenue.

• In fiction, Acacia Avenue is really quite exciting. Number 29 was occupied by a bunch of horny teens, in the 1945 film ’29 Acacia Avenue’. (Well, as ‘horny’ and as ‘teen’ as kids got in those days.) The same address was home to Eric the schoolboy, who became a middle-aged flying man whenever he ate a banana.

• Iron Maiden documented the alarming plight of ‘Charlotte’ at number 22, placing their Acacia Avenue in the East End.

• There is no Acacia Avenue in the East End.

Our apologies to non-Brits, who probably didn’t understand a word of that.

Last Updated 21 July 2006