2012 Olympics: The Movie

By Rob Last edited 149 months ago
2012 Olympics: The Movie

Nickelodeon have announced that they are to develop a "a $30 million family film about kids who are inspired by the Olympics."

And the name? Legend of the Rings.

Jesus, we can almost hear the sound of the Tolkien estate readying their legal papers from here.

We're also told that Legend of the Rings will focus on "children who are inspired to greatness by watching the games" and that it's inspired by...erm, 'Inspiration', the five-minute short credited with winning London the 2012 Olympics (which you can see here).

Like all kids' movies legend of the Rings will also "address the issue of failure", but we're guessing this will be stuff like coming second in the long jump as opposed to, say, the stadiums not being ready in time and the perils of raw sewage spilling out all over the javelin field.

Oh well, as long as it's better than that recent 2012-themed Dr Who episode.

Last Updated 03 July 2006