Where to Watch the World Cup - Part 3

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Last Updated 30 June 2006

Where to Watch the World Cup - Part 3

If you're getting bored with the local pub and looking for a more interesting world cup watching experience get yourself over to Dalston. The Vortex Jazz Club is holding World Cup Jazz Balls where the match is shown on a big screen, but the commentary is turned off while two teams of three musicians each portray the ebb and flow of the game through live improvisation.

The club has held several of these occasions already and plans more (ring them for the latest details), but a lively crowd (and pair of bands) is guaranteed for Saturday afternoon when England's footballers clash with the Portuguese. Next Wednesday night (England's semi if they get through) promises to be a sonic experience and a half as the bands expand to a quintet versus a sextet (we presume there's been a pre-match sending off for ungentlemanly keyboard playing in the tunnel). If England get to the final there might be a pair of dance orchestras in there.

A brilliant idea, we think, and here's a few photos from ollielollie14's Flickr stream if you want to get a feel for the atmosphere.

Picture of Dutch brass in Stuttgart via DanKamminga's Flickr stream.